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Excellent used condition, almost unmarked. External power supply included. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale

Novation K Station keyboard. This is a three-oscillator portable synth which is a keyboard version of the A-Station sound module. It has various built-in effects – distortion, stereo chorus, phasing. reverb, synchronised delay and synchronised stereo panning – plus an arpeggiator, vocoder and external audio input

The K-Station is a compact keyboard with a two-octave range. Its portability & great sound make it a useful keyboard for general use

Three-oscillator synth with two LFOs, seven effects, arpeggiator, vocoder & audio input. Low-pass 12 or 24dB/octave filter. 400 memory locations for edited sounds. The first 200 hold factory presets but can be overwritten. Two octave, velocity-sensitive keyboard. Eight note polyphony

In very good used condition. Tested & working 100%. Generic photos will be replaced with images of the item for sale

“It’s odd, but somehow, I still find myself surprised that something as small as the K‑Station manages to sound so good… Sonically, it’s hard to fault” – Sound on Sound

“KS4, KS5 and KS Rack are all the same sound engine. Choose your weapon”

“The hypersync basically gives you the kind of tempo sync’d delays and modulation that many morern synths have anyway. Sound – well – novationy”

“Love its overdrive filter and the way it works, quite like novation filters anyway – not as characterful as access, but definitely up there among the more interesting sounding VA filters”

“It’s the best sounding VA I have heard, along with the Supernova II”

“VOICE core DSP manages a total of 16 voices polyphony.
A basic KS patch is composed by 3 detunable and crossmodulable oscillators at 4 octave heights; digital sound engine is hybrid and features 2 synthesis family generators”

“This is the best sounding and most easy to use VA I have ever owned or used. Better even than the Waldorf Q+ I once had”

“It is definitely a special synth. Probably has one of the best interfaces I’ve come across”

“The K-station features three of the most powerful oscillators around, each providing the classic waveforms and a sine wave for those sub-bass floor-shaking grooves. Plus it gets waveform ‘doubling’ for mega phatt sounds with no loss of polyphony”

“You can’t beat portability. The other day, I tossed a Novation K-Station into a duffel bag, drove to a friend’s studio, and poured out colossal bass lines, rasping leads, mellow chords, bubbling arpeggios, and swirling pads. Don’t be fooled by its small size and low price; the K-Station is a great-sounding and easy-to-use instrument that has some surprisingly deep capabilities – Electronic Musician Review

“the K‑Station gets my vote. As a self-contained gigging synth capable of a wide range of pads, organs, basses, leads, and arpeggios, there isn’t currently anything that comes close in this price range” – Sound on Sound Review

20-voice synthesiser

Keyboard synth, small form factor

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Excellent used condition, almost unmarked. External power supply included. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale