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Rackmount 24-voice synth module

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The Supernova II is an update of the original Supernova with expanded memory to store an additional 512 programs and 256 performances. Other upgrades include:

  • External input and vocoder
  • Finer control over unison mode (detune), oscillator drift (VCO emulation) and dual filter separation.
  • More tempo synced parameters
  • Improved effects algorithms, particularly better chorus/phaser including ensemble,quad chorus and rotary speaker emulations
  • Oscillators have FM
  • LFO has ‘slew’ to round off lumpy lfo shapes
  • Comb filter that can be swept via an LFO (which can be tempo synced)
  • Envelopes have loopable A/D stages, and can be set to more complex shapes than just ADSR
  • Drum mode for playing sounds as ‘one shot’ types
  • Dedicated drum maps & drum sounds

There’s a complete breakdown of the differences on the Novation website – see the Links tab for information

The Supernova II is a tough-sounding, 24-note polyphonic synth with a logically laid out front panel & great editing facilities. I found it easy to dive in and start creating & editing without a manual and soon found my way around. If you’re used to traditional subtractive synths (ie, very approximately, any synth with oscillators & filters like a Minimoog) then the Supernova will be easy to get around

The Supernova range is derived from the original Bass Station and the Supernova II has 24-note polyphony, three VCOs and multiple effects per voice. There are also two LFOs and two ring modulators. The resonant filter has 12, 18 & 24 dB / Octave slopes and high-, low- and bandpass settings. There are eght audio outputs

This is a big-sounding synth with lots of modulation possibilities. If you’re coming from something like a Minimoog it may seem complex at first but it’s logical & easy to get to grips with. If you’re used to Japanese synths with deep menus and complex structures you’ll find the Supernova a real breath of fresh air

A lot of the credit for this lies with Chris Huggett – he joined Novation full time to develop the Supernova. Huggett designed the legendary EDP Wasp and subsequently led the design of the operating system for the Akai S1000, two milestones in synth history

“Very programmable, nice filters, sounds great, very versatile, reliable, and well-constructed”

“Cool SuperNova stuff:

-distorted tranny Organs sound good on SN2 – explore the FM, distortion and filter drive options!

-you can ‘morph’ patches by layering 2 programs in perf. mode and cross-fading them using the modwheel

-the arpeggiator is also a sequencer, and arp. memories are stored independently of programs – therefore, you can instantly “fly in” any arp you want to any program (and scroll through them while it’s running) for a myriad of variations on the fly

– the OSC’s have an unusual feature called ‘skew’ which effectively compresses the width and symmetry of the waveform – not just for pulse, but all osc waves. This makes for some fun in itself, and in combination w/ RingMod and FM = you get sounds unique to SN2

– FM bass ftw”

“Interesting fact about the SuperNova/Nova series, they are Chris Huggett’s designs. For those who don’t already know, he was the founder of Oxford Synthesizer Company and designer of the OSCar and WASP synthesizers, two other unique sounding digital (well, mostly) designs”

“This synth is without a doubt one of the best modules out there at the moment, even after 5 years since it’s release. it is ideal for trance/house/techno, but personally I think it can also be used for other music types such as hip-hop”

In very good used condition with minimal rash rash and just a few case scratches. In the photos the synth has two non-original knobs but these will be replaced with new original Novation knobs before shipping. Photos show the synth for sale

Standard rackmount device, 3U

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In very good used condition with minimal rack rash. The front panel is excellent with all original knobs & switches - the two non-matching knobs will be replaced with replacement original Novation knobs courtesy of Focusrite UK. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the Supernova IIĀ  for sale

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