Quasimidi Technox #2


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Rack-mounted synth module from short-lived German techno-meisters Quasimidi. The Technox is a multitimbral module specialising in dance-oriented samples. It has a big reputation for punchy, cutting-edge sounds & samples including Roland TR 808, TR 909 and TR 606 drum hits

“The phrase “techno rave electronic” on the fascia would probably hint at what one would find, and indeed the presets are utterly 90’s techno, rave, IDM, electronica goodness from every pore. Lots of pretty solid basses, rave leads, hooverish sounds, acid squeals, spacey pads and some great drum kits. The latter includes full sets of TR-808, 909 and 606 hits” – Vintage Synth Explorer

” it just all seems to come together when more than a couple of parts are playing. The bass content is nothing short of inspiring — especially from a digital synth — and the classic Roland TR drums are mouth-wateringly realistic” – Sound on Sound

“Don’t be put off by this statement if dance isn’t your ‘thang’, though, because the Technox is more than capable of providing a wealth of excellent textures for just about anything from new age to synth-rock” – Sound on Sound

In excellent condition overall with just a little rack rash. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the synth for sale

Standard rackmount device

Quasimidi Technox owners manual

Quasimidi Technox owners manual  

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In excellent condition overall with just a little rack rash. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the synth for sale