Roland SR-JV-13 Vocal Collection


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Sound expansion board for Roland SR-JV80 synths including the JV-1080 and JV-2080. These boards plug into expansion sockets to provide additional patches, rhythms & samples

The Vocal Collection was jointly developed by Spectrasonics and contains 82 waveforms and 131 patches full of vocal samples, both solo and massed voices. There are a number of sound samples on the Synth Mania website including this Milky Choir, Full Choir and this Jazz Dow Fall

“One of the strong points of this board is the superb velocity-switch programming of certain patches – for example, the doo-wap ensembles – and some of the out worldly digital pads, spiced up by the excellent Roland filters and FX.”

“From Jazz Scatting to Gregorian Chanting and Stereo Choir vocal samples of striking verisimilitude, the SR-JV80-13 gives users a wonderful palette of fresh new vocal sounds with which to compose and perform”

“These extremely expressive vocal sounds are strikingly realistic and can add life to music ranging from soundtracks to classical compositions.”

The Vocal Collection card includes:

  • CD-ROM-quality vocal sounds with stunning realism
  • Easy accessibility via expandable Roland synths (see compatibility list below)
  • Extremely expressive stereo sampled Jazz scatting with 5-stage velocity switching
  • Responsive vocal sounds (in Performance Mode)
  • Stereo choir sounds include Classical, Boys Choir and Gregorian chants
  • 94 different waveforms focusing on unrivaled sound quality
  • Perfect for film composers, theatrical applications and live performance

To my mind the Vocal Collection is one of the stand-out items in the Roland expansion library. The samples are beautifully recorded & sampled and very useable and playable. Sampling & development was done by Spectrasonics for Roland and credit is due to them for this excellent work

See our SR-JV80 page for more info on expansion cards & JV resources

These expansion boards plug into the synth modules & keyboards listed above. They are easy to fit - a screwdriver is the only tool required
Compatibility guide
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