Roland SR-JV80-01 Pop Expansion Board


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Sound expansion board for Roland SR-JV80 synths including the JV-1080 and JV-2080.  These boards plug into expansion sockets to provide additional patches, rhythms & samples
Pop is one of the rarer expansion boards. It was the first of the line and includes a wide range of sounds from guitars, drums, percussion and keyboards. Roland spent considerable tume & effort on these boards, enlisting companies like Spectrasonics and AMG to help create them. The programming is excellent, with clever keyboard mapping and velocity switching on some sounds

The Pop board includes:

  • CD-ROM-quality vocal sounds with stunning realism
  • easy accessibility via expandable Roland synths (see compatibility list below)
  • 224 Waveforms
  • 145 Patches
  • Rhythm sections, keyboards, bass, guitar, strings, brass, synth patches and more
  • Perfect for pop, rock, fusion and jazz

See our SR-JV80 page for more info on expansion cards & JV resources

These expansion boards plug into the synth modules & keyboards listed below. They are easy to fit

Compatibility chart


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