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Roland SR-JV80-17 Country Expansion Board


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Country expansion board for the Roland range of SR-JV80 synths. Yee-hah

Synthmania says the board contains:

“Sparkly, expressive acoustic guitars, metallic dobros, realistic banjos, earthy mandolins, raspy fiddles, and plenty of electric guitars: Stratocasters, lap-steel guitars, 335s, 6-string basses, and the star of this genre: the mighty Telecaster”


  • Wave expansion board for expandable Roland synthesizers¬†
  • Adds 247 waveforms and 256 patches of CD-ROM-quality country music sounds
  • Includes acoustic guitars, pedal steel, resonator guitar (metal hollow-body), clean electric guitars, fiddle, banjo, wash-tub bass, natural drum sounds and more
  • Perfect for studio use and live performance


Synthmania page with sound samples

Owners manual Patch list Nathan Sheldon sound sample demos