Roland SR-JV80-98 Experience II Board


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Sound expansion board for Roland SR-JV80 synths including the JV-1080 and JV-2080. These boards plug into expansion sockets to provide additional patches, rhythms & samples

This is the second of three Experience expansion boards and, despite being numbered 98, came after number 99. Contains sounds from Pop, Orchestral, Piano, Vintage Synth, World, Super Sound Set, Keyboard of the 60’s & 70’s, Session and Bass & Drums Expansion boards

“”The cool thing about the Experience series is that a few of the patches on each board cannot be found in any other board: the patches marked with asterisks are in fact original sounds, even though they are based on the wave pool of the “real” boards.

The Experience expansion board includes:

  • • User-installable expansion board for expandable Roland synths (see compatibility guide below)
  • Adds 64 patches and 19 waveforms
  • Instruments include samples from the various SR-JV80 expansion boards produced to date

See our SR-JV80 page for more info on expansion cards & JV resources

These expansion boards plug into the synth modules & keyboards listed below. They are easy to fit

Owners Manual & list of sounds

Sound samples

Sound on Sound Review

Compatibility guide - definitive list of synths that work with these cards

List of SR-JV 80 Expansion Boards

SR-JV 80 Synth Information

Sound Programming SR-JV80 board info

Synthmania details

Planet Groove details

Gearslutz expansion board discussion

Audiofanzine Review

In excellent used condition. Works 100%

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