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In excellent used condition with minimal rack rash and just a few case marks. The front panel, knobs & display are all original & unmarked apart from the data entry knob which has been replaced. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the synth for sale

The SE-1X Red Eye is a limited edition, updated version of the original SE-1. It’s a rackmount, monophonic synthesiser based on the original Minimoog. Designed & built in the USA by Studio Electronics, it’s a digitally-controlled analogue synth with full Midi implementation and user memories for patch saving

The limited-edition Red Eye version was built to celebrate production of 3000 SE-1 synths and includes a number of upgrades & new features

Studio Electronics says: “Looking beyond the CODE-flavored sectioned grey to black front panel visuals, with its splashes of blood-red switches and an electric blue display, one discovers some serious sweetening: the second VCO now boasts a silky “ARP-ish” sine wave which replaces the more industrial strength triangle, a switchable “Fuzz” circuit for amp overdrive and saturation, snappier envelopes, discrete filters with an expanded frequency range, and seven banks of S.E. sound design which demand satisfaction: four legendary SE-1X factory banks; three designer sets (the techno-focused Scroggins Synquence), and brand new Infared and Diademer—693 presets in all”

Features of the Red Eye include

  • Multi-filter Powered: Two of the best filters ever designed: 24dB “Mini” and 12dB SEM with lo-pass and band-bass, now with an expanded frequency range
  • Three Voltage Controlled Oscillators: Combinable triangle, sine, saw and variable pulse width square waveforms—all discrete. The second VCO now boasts a silky “ARP-ish” sine wave which replaces the more industrial strength triangle.
  • The Original 2 Stage, Voltage Controlled “Mini” Amplifier: Vintage Perfection
  • Noise Generator, Analog Ring Modulation, External Audio Input Processing
  • Switchable “Fuzz” circuit for amplifier saturation and overdrive
  • Four Multiple Stage Envelope Generators: Envelopes 3 and 4 are assignable
  • Three LFOs with Key Trigger, Phase and MIDI Sync
  • Faster minimum envelope time than the original SE-1X
  • 693 Patches: four legendary factory banks in ROM, three designer banks in RAM
  • Continuous Controller Assignments to all vital parameters
  • Standalone Software Editor (purchased separately)

Dancetech says: “Studio Electronics SE-1X nova, red eye edition, Black faceplate with blood-red elements and new features: The second VCO now has a sine wave instead of a triangle; FUZZ-distortion, quicker envelopes, filter with expanded frequency ranges. New “Custom Scroggins Techno Sound Bank” and two new sound banks. Monophonic analog synthesizer, 3 VCO´s, each waveform can be played simultaneously, waveforms: VCO 1 +3: triangle ,saw, square. VCO 2: SINE, saw, square. Sync of VCO 2&3 to VCO 1; two fiters (24dB moog-ish lowpass, 12dB Oberheim-style low- and bandpass); 3 MIDI-syncable LFOs each with 6 waveforms; four superfast invertable ADSR envelopes capable of multitrigger; noise; glide; ring modulator; 24 knobs and 21 illuminated buttons. 693 presets in 7 ROM banks, 396 user presets in 4 RAM banks”

If you know your way round a Minimoog Model D you’ll have no problem getting to grips with the SE-1X. With a similar panel layout to the Minimoog, it delivers most of the features of the original plus a few new ones. Studio Electronics say:

“The SE –1 is inspired by the classic circuitry of the Minimoog Filter, Oscillators, and VCA. We’ve also incorporated “our take” on the “boxy”, buzzy, and bright 12-dB filter of the Oberheim S.E.M., for greater tonal expression. Four envelopes, three LFOs, full MIDI implementation, and a host of original extra features await you. And, of course, the legendary, the immortal, and the ubiquitous: Bank A, patch #04…”

There are plenty of Minimoog clones on the market now but the SE-1X hits the spot in a number of ways: it’s rackmount and has a spacious front panel so knobs are easy to get at. It has midi, and has user memories so patches can be edited and stored for easy recall. The Oberheim-style filter adds flexibility and is a feature not found on other clones

Reviews from the web – SE-1 and SE-1X


“Essential mono synth. By any standard”

“the SE-1X sounds unique, fat, saturated – just totally awesome”

“The SE1x is an extremely funky synth…  the weight of the sound and bass freq hit you in the chest”

“The Code/Omega software is insane. It makes things so much easier. Naming patches – etc. True computer control of rack analog”

” If you’re into twiddling knobs while playing, go for an SE-1X”

“SE1X is a timeless classic instrument. I think it provides %70 of Moog sound territory. Voyager and Mini also sound great and no one argues with that. But SE1X is definately matches their quality with a little bit of different approach. 12dB bandpass filter is a huge deal guys. It is for sure better that any other new Moog models at its price. I can only suggest Sub 37 from new models since it has kind of a unique flavour and a Mother 32 since it has a reasonable price and modular capabilities”

“I’ve owned an SE-1, an ATC-1 and an ATC-X and currently own – and LOVE – an SE-1X. I own both a Mini D and a Voyager and the SE can hold its own. I’ve tried with everything from Monark to Diva and the SE-1X has a kind of girth I can’t find in software”

“I love my SE-1 even with its compromises. It epitomizes phatness. Its just obese. thick. has big bones. eats too much pizza”

“The SE-1X Editor is now available on the Studio Electronics website”

“In March 2020, I love my SE-1X. The se-1x editor software is the best $29 I’ve ever spent. I originally had the SE-1, then sent it for the factory 1X upgrade which is a great upgrade. Great to see the SE-1X 2019 version and SE-02 back on the scene. Rock on!”


“Few all-analog synthesizers can deliver anything near the subtractive sound-shaping power of the Studio Electronics SE-1 synth module”

“I owned an SE-1 for a while and sold it to pay for other gear, but now i miss it and would like to get another one. There is something very unique about the SE-1 that is hard to explain. Maybe its just pure quality through and through. They are very had to find and are not cheap, but really worthwhile in my opinion”

“Great sounds with not a lot of tweaking, pretty fat and punchy IMO. FM sounds great on it”

“At its heart the SE-1 is very much a rackmounted, Mini Moog with full MIDI implementation, but there are a few useful additions to the Moog package that make this synth way more versatile. It features a ring mod, dedicated LFOs (so you don’t have to sacrifice an oscillator to LFO duty like on a real model D) and a multimode filter”

“This is an amazing synth!! Really has presence in a mix which not many synth nowadays can do (and i’ve owned many of them) One of the truly great analogue synths of our time, (apart from moog) but then this is a moog and more besides. Bob Moog was present when these were made to make sure it turned out the way he wanted. If you’ve ever used one you’ll know why they are so sought after. I say get one now before they become rare like the forefathers before them!!”

In excellent used condition, almost unmarked. The SE-1X Red Eye is the perfect Minimoog-style monosynth for the modern era

An upgrade to SE-3X spec is available from Studio Electronics in the USA for $80

Tested & working 100%. Photos show the synth for sale

Digitally-controlled analogue synthesiser. Power input is auto-switching 90-240 Volts AC on a standard IEC socket. US, UK or Euro IEC power cable supplied on request

Standard 3U rackmount device. Midi input & audio output are on the back panel

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In excellent used condition with minimal rack rash and just a few case marks. The front panel, knobs & display are all original and unmarked. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the synth for sale