Waldorf Blofeld, Black Edition (with sample play option licence installed) #3


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This Blofeld has the sample licence installed which opens up 60 Mb of sample flash memory. This is a €103 option from Waldorf

The Blofeld is a compact desktop multitimbral synth from Waldorf. It’s a descendant of the iconic Wave synthesiser from the 1980s and packs a lot of power in a small space. With three oscillators per voice and mixed wavetable and analogue modelled oscillators it’s capable of a wide range of sounds

To get an idea of what the Blofeld is capable of, have a listen to the Don Solaris Analogue Sound Set on Youtube – link in the LInks tab

Waldorf say: “This unique synthesis system is based upon the revolutionary PPG Wave synthesizers of the early 80s. So when you listen to the Blofeld for the first time, you will instantly recognize those edgy, hard-hitting and bell-like timbres that have been an integral part of so many world hits from the PPG era on, and become increasingly popular once more”

“The Blofeld has three oscillators per voice, two of which are capable of delivering wavetable synthesis or analogue modelling, while the third is devoted to analogue emulation only. Each oscillator may be routed freely through two filters; these are selected from a diverse collection of filter types and topped off with filter panning and drive options that take sonic mangling to another level. Three fully-featured LFOs, four snappy envelopes and Waldorf’s ever-powerful modulation matrix are on hand for when you need controlled complexity in your patches. Further delights include 16-part multitimbrality, a programmable arpeggiator and more than 1000 sounds to use or to overwrite. Polyphony can be up to 25 voices, depending on DSP load” – Sound on Sound

“Sonically the Blofeld tends toward metallic, digital timbres, overdriven electric noises, earth shattering basses and icy pads. However, since the engine is enormously deep, almost any sound can be approximated with careful programming. It is probably not, however, the first choice for faithful analog recreations. On the other hand it can easily go where no analog synth has gone before and brings some wild flavors to the sonic table” – Vintage Synth Explorer

In excellent used condition with minimal marks or scratches. Supplied with quickstart manual, CD and power supply in original packaging. Tested & working 100%. Photos show a Blofeld sold previously

Desktop synth 305 x 130 x 70 deep in a heavy, robust steel chassis. External power supply. Midi, audio & USB sockets on back panel
Product page https://waldorfmusic.com/en/blofeld-overview Sound on Sound Review https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/waldorf-blofeld Vintage Synth Explorer Review http://www.vintagesynth.com/waldorf/blofeld.php Electronic Musician Review https://www.emusician.com/gear/review-waldorf-music-blofeld Gearslutz thread https://www.gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-and-electronic-music-production/1172605-waldorf-blofeld-other-options-consider.html Browser-based patch editor http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/02/10/browser-based-patch-editor-for-the-waldorf-blofeld/ Don Solaris Analogue Sound Set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfosO1Y0nds


In excellent used condition, almost unmarked. Supplied in original box with CD, quickstart manual & power supply. Tested & working 100%. Photos show a Blofeld sold previously