Waldorf Microwave II


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The Microwave is a direct descendant of the iconic Wave synthesiser from the 1980s. It packs a lot of punch in 2 rack spaces

The Microwave is a 10-note polyphonic synth which features wavetables, resonant filters, an arpeggiator, noise source, ring modulator and built-in effects. It has 256 user memory slots and 128 performance patches

“I use both XT and MW revision A. definitely get the latter if you want big snappy punchy basses. digital, analog, industrial, you name it. it excels at that sort of thing. arpeggios too and frontal pads/comping , voxy stuff etc”

“It’s one of the best sounding synths ever made, in my opinion, and incredibly versatile. It does complicated evolving wavetable sounds of course, but the filter is very good and if you just want a traditional (trying not to use the A-word here) punchy, squelchy bass it’ll do that too with a bit of care”

“It would easily have been possible to fill twice this space with information about the Microwave. Once you get past its cosmetic attractions, it turns out to be one of the deepest non-modular synthesizers you can buy, and it’s possible (with some effort) to do almost anything with it that you can do with the much more expensive Wave” – Sound on Sound

In very good used condition with just a couple of front panel marks. Software version 2.33. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale

Software version 2.33
2U rackount synth module

Sound on Sound


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Soundtower's site has a Microwave editor available for download.


The Consequence's Waldorf page has MP3s and programming information.


Here's are some useful and practical descriptions of the Microwave's wavetables.


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In very good used condition with minor marks. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale