Waldorf Streichfett Synth Module #6


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Waldorf say “Streichfett combines the best of the previously extinct species of String Synthesizers of the 70s and early 80s”

We say “Mission accomplished!”

The Streichfett is a desktop synth with Strings & Solo sections. It has presets designed to emulate vintage string synths and create new sounds in that idiom. Check the excellent Don Solaris demo on Youtube for an idea of what this string synth can do

Power & midi over USB and stereo audio ouputs make the Streichfett very quick & easy to use

“This description doesn’t convey the range of sounds that you can wring from the Strings section because, even before applying the chorus/ensemble, you can find all manner of basic polysynth pads, chimes, solo strings, organs and male voices lurking within” – Sound on Sound

“Streichfett is splendid: lively, down-to-earth, eery. Frame-filling, dramatic, mysterious. The combination of octave ranges and morphing (within the STRINGS section) along with diverse effect mutations (ensemble yes/no, phaser, animator, reverb) allows for impressive non-mainstream sounds”

“Lovely retro sound. Basic but well-designed effects section. Sensibly priced” – Music Radar

Check the Links tab above for demos & reviews. Photos show a Streichfett sold previously

128-voice polyphonic strings section & eight voice solo section. 12 programmable patches, built-in effects, headphone socket and stereo audio out. Midi is handled by USB and regular midi sockets

Desktop unit 185 x 185 mm

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https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/waldorf-streichfett Great Synthesisers.com Review https://greatsynthesizers.com/en/review/waldorf-streichfett-magic-vintage-sounds/ Music Radar Review https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/waldorf-streichfett-string-synth-608032  


In excellent used condition. Tested & working 100%. Supplied with USB cable and product manual. Photos show a Streichfett sold previously