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The TX802 is the 2U rack module big brother of the Yamaha DX7 MkII synth. Unlike the DX7 II it has 16-note polyphony and can produce eight timbres simultaneously. The eight tone generators – each of which can produce two notes – can be linked to get 4-note polyphony, 8-note polyphony, etc, all the way to 16-note polyphony. In addition to a mixed stereo output, each of the eight tone generators has a dedicated audio output

In many ways the signature sound of the 1980s, the DX7 is capable of more than the bell-like pads & bass sounds it became famous far. There’s an almost infinite variety of patches available online – the TX802 will load all DX7 patches – and software patch editors are commonplace

The TX802 has pull-out patch & operator cards under the display – just like the famous TX816

The MuZines article (see the Links tab) gets deep into the technical side of the TX802 and the differences between it and other Yamaha FM synths. If you’re an FM synthesis expert you may not need it but, for the rest of us, it’s a great primer

“Essentially, the TX802 is a rack-mounted DX7IID – not DX7IIFD since there is a cartridge slot but no onboard disk drive. Like the DX7IID (but unlike the TX802’s predecessor, the TX816) there are full editing facilities onboard. The TX802 is also capable of generating up to eight timbres (or “instruments”) simultaneously – unlike the DX7IID, which only generates two. And each of the eight tone generators has its own audio output (like the TX816) and, in addition, there is a stereo audio output. Now make a cup of tea and read that again” – MuZines

“The TX802’s sound is professional quality, clear, and strong – really no comparison to NI’s FM7 softsynth. (The FM7 isn’t bad, but compared side by side, the 802 is the real deal.)”

“32 years old and this is still a great synth. Also, kudos to Yamaha for putting all of their user manuals online”

“The TX802 was designed to be a preset machine. You simply layer presets in multitimbral mode to create new, interesting voices”

The TX802 has 16-note polyphony and six FM operators per voice. It has 128 presets and 64 user preset slots plus a front-panel data card slot. Front panel controls for Midi channel selection, preset selection & sound editing though an external software editor is the preferred way to create & edit sounds. The TX802 will load all DX7 patches

Midi in / out / thru on the back panel. Stereo / mono audio outputs plus eight individual outputs. Memory card slot & headphone jack on front panel 220 Volt UK / EU model with a new UK power plug. EU adaptor available on request

2U rack

Owners Manual


Vintage Synth Explorer page


Open-Source Patch Editor / Librarian


Polynomial Page


Muzines Page


Youtube demos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fZDU_kGJcY&feature=youtu.be   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Bmsp6tvwQ   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN-yQ2_uJuU   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGgKodoBnHo   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Bmsp6tvwQ


In good used condition some minor rack rash and chips on the top of the front panel. The case has been repainted. Tested using Service Mode - all tests passed, cartridge drive not tested. Reset to factory settings. Tested & working 100%. Photos show a TX802 sold previously

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