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In excellent condition for a vintage synth. Supplied with an 8-way, 3-metre XLR-to-jack audio loom and a 300 watt, 110 Volt external transformer for use in the UK & EU. Photos show the TX816 for sale

I have sold this TX816 previously and it was serviced before the first sale. Since then I have cleaned & tested the unit and verified the backup batteries. All modules dump & receive Sysex messages and are now all loaded with ROM 3A presets including the legendary E.Bass 1. Photos show the TX as it is now.Tested & working 100%

The legendary Yamaha “Eight DX7s in a Box”, the TX816 was one of the high-end products launched in 1985 along with the KX88 mother keyboard and QX1 sequencer. Famed for huge , glistening pads created with all eight TX modules playing simultaneously, the TX816 is the super-heavyweight champion of keyboard modules

The TX816 contains eight TF1 modules, each one being a complete DX7 synth, and each TF1 has 32 patches and 16-note polyphony. The modules can be configured to have different midi channels so the TX816 can be used as eight separate polyphonic synths. Alternatively any number of modules – even all eight – can be linked to produce synths with multiple voices & polyphony. With all eight modules on the same midi channel the TX816 has 128-note polyphony and eight outputs

Each TF1 has its own midi connector and balanced XLR audio output. So each module can be used as a separate synth. There’s also a front-panel master midi in / thru / out that can address any or all modules, dependent on settings, and obviously there are 16 midi channels available to address the eight synths. This means it’s easy to address single or multiple modules, dedicate them to specific purposes or stack them up for dense multi-oscillators sounds. There’s a specific detune setting available on each module to help broaden multi-module sounds

There are lots of resources out there including software editors, DX7 presets & etc for the TX816. There’s a whole DX ecology online and it’s worth investigating. See the Links tab for more information

“A joy to play and the sound is big, big, big”

“This is one of the great synth modules of all time. Yes, it’s massive… This is the ultimate DX modular unit”

“It’s never too late friends, this is (still) the coolest FM unit alive”

“Anyway; massive sounds with the 8 TF1 modules playing the same patch (detuned slightly on each module) or just a handy 8 part 16 note polyphonic module. Built like a tank and looks the business when powered up”

“Big, awesome sound. Versatile. Easier to work with than I had expected”

“This is the god father of FM synthesizers.. I can not live without at least one in my rack”

“When the TF1s are layered, the TX816 is such a beast. It is not a plug and play synth. Although you can use it anyway you like, it is actually the brain of the ultimate TX1 system. With the KX88, REV1, QX1 it was designed to be a real monster system”

“This is one extravagant machine”

The 4U rack contains eight TF1 modules, each one being a DX7 condensed onto one board. Midi channels are set by front panel controls and shown on an LED display. Each module can be controlled via a Midi input on the rear panel or via a group midi input on the master module. Outputs are via an XLR connector on the back panel of each module

This is a 120 Volt US-model TX816 and is supplied with an external transformer

4U rack, deep & heavy (12 Kg)

Owners Manual

http://www.houseofsynth.com/hos-downloads/manuals/Yamaha/Yamaha-Owners-Manuals/Yamaha-TX216-TX816-Owners-Manual.pdf Service manual http://www.houseofsynth.com/hos-downloads/manuals/Yamaha/Yamaha-Service-Manuals/Yamaha-TX216-TX816-Service-Manual.pdf

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Youtube demo https://youtu.be/GejSui_noms?t=169   Commecrial sound banks http://bobbyblues.recup.ch/yamaha_dx7/dx7_soundbanks.html Dave Benson's DX7 page https://homepages.abdn.ac.uk/d.j.benson/pages/html/dx7.html DX7 Sysex page http://dxsysex.com/ DX7 programming & sounds page http://tamw.exxoshost.co.uk/dx7.htm Patch editor & Virtual Synth https://www.synthtopia.com/content/2014/12/29/free-yamaha-dx-7-patch-editor-virtual-synthesizer/


In excellent condition for a vintage synth. 110 Volt external transformer and audio loom supplied. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the TX816 for sale

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