Yamaha TX816

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The legendary Yamaha “Eight DX7s in a Box”, the TX816 was one of the high-end products launched in 1985 along with the KX88 mother keyboard and QX1 sequencer. Famed for huge , glistening pads sounds created with all eight TX modules playing simultaneously, the TX816 is the super-heavyweight champion of keyboard modules

The TX816 contains eight TF1 modules, each one being a complete DX7 synth. The modules can be configured to have different midi channels so the TX816 can be used as eight separate polyphonic synths. Alternatively multiple modules – even all eight – can be linked to produce synths with multiple voices & polyphony. Each DX7 is effectively a 16-voice synth

“A joy to play and the sound is big, big, big”

“This is one of the great synth modules of all time. Yes, it’s massive… This is the ulitmate DX modular unit”

“Anyway; massive sounds with the 8 TF1 modules playing the same patch (detuned slightly on each module) or just a handy 8 part 16 note polyphonic module. Built like a tank and looks the business when powered up”

“Big, awesome sound. Versatile. Easier to work with than I had expected”

“This is the god father of FM synthesizers.. I can not live without at least one in my rack”


Rackmount, multi-module synth rack. Balanced outputs on XLR connectors
4U rack, deep & heavy
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