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Neumann KH310 3-way monitor speakers. The big brother of the KH120 mini monitor is a heavyweight three-way system in a remarkably compact package. It’s a sealed speaker with a taut, dry bass sound that works well in small rooms but has enough punch for bigger spaces

Driven by three class AB power amps, the 310 has 150W for the woofer and 70W to the mid & tweeter, at 0.1% THD. LF response goes down to 34 Hz. Like the KH120, the 310 has back-panel switches to tailor the frequency response in your room, plus a switchable gain setting and a gain pot. For soffit mounting the amp panel can be relocated to a rackmount panel

The KH310 measures well and the specs are impressive. However, assessing speakers from specifications is an exercise in futility – you have to listen to them. The KH310 and KH120 clearly come from the same sonic family, sounding clear, focussed & un-hyped. The KH310 scores with way better bass extension and a smoother midrange, as you’d expect from a three-way monitor, and maximum output is a lot higher

It’s intriguing to listen to music you know well on a new monitor: some sound familiar, but the frequency response is clearly different, and others reveal things you’ve not heard it before. So it is with the KH310 – it’s super-revealing without being harsh and it picks out details others miss. I found it more revealing of tuning than my usual speakers, showing up intonation differences on guitar tracks I’ve heard many times

Best way to describe the KH310 is to say it’s a monitor, a tool for analysis. It’s not flattering but it’s also not obnoxiously mid-forward like some well-known studio speakers. It’s listenable but revealing of every mistake… Spend some time to dial in speaker positioning and frequency response settings, and use proper speaker stands, and these will transform your monitoring

“Beautiful midrange and tight low end that keeps the guesswork out of my mixes”

“After over 20 years of using various studio monitors I have found a pair that sound like a record”

“Like someone said the 310s are killer. They only have a small amount in common with their little brother the 120 (which are still quite good for their price range). The [predecessor K&H] 0300 is/was a great speaker, the 310 improves on that”

“The 310s are flat, extended & dry, they work on everything I’ve tried so-far….”

This pair is in lovely “almost new” condition, virtually unmarked. Supplied in the original boxes & packing with power cables, manuals & etc. Tested & working 100%. Boxed & ready to ship. Photos show the speakers for sale

Contact me if you need hookup cables – I can make suitable cables any length using Van Damme cable & Neutrik XLRs

Additional information

Weight 35 kg

The KH310 is a compact speaker - 253mm tall, 383 wide and 292 deep - but weighs in at a substantial 13 Kg. It has three built-in amplifiers: the bass amp delivers 150 Watts at less than 0.1% THD into a 200 mm woofer, the mid amp produces 70W driving a 75 mm mid unit and the tweeter amp, 70W into a 25 mm tweeter. A switchable built-in limiter prevents the speaker from being damaged by over-driving but it's capable of high listening levels before the limiter cuts in

Inputs are balanced via XLR on the back panel and there are level controls to help match the speaker to your listening room

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In excellent used condition, almost unmarked. Supplied with manuals and UK, EU & US power cables in the original Neumann boxes & packing. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the KH310s for sale

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