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Neumann KH80 DSP 2-way monitor speakers. The KH80 is the little brother of the KH120 mini monitor and it’s a truly compact device with a 4″ (100mm) woofer and the same 1″ tweeter as the KH210. It’s the first Neumann speaker with DSP and there’s a free app for remote configuration & control

The KH80 is a compact two-way ported speaker fed by two amplifiers delivering 130 / 55 Watts to the woofer / tweeter. LF response goes down to 57 Hz (-3dB). Like the KH120, the KH80 has back-panel switches to tailor the frequency response in your room, plus a switchable gain setting and a gain pot

DSP means that automatic room correction is possible using the Neumann MA1 measurement microphone & desktop software and the Neumann.Control app offers control from your phone or iPad. The back-panel has an RJ45 Ethernet socket for network control

The KH80 measures ruler-flat with individual units being matched within 0.25 dB. The specs are impressive. Like the KH310 and KH120, the KH80 is clearly of the same sonic family, sounding clear, focussed & un-hyped. Bass response is obviously compromised when compared to the bigger speakers but the overall character remains the same

“The fact is that the clarity and resolution of this new baby monitor is startling given its size and cost, and I’d say the KH80 performs and sounds like a substantially more expensive — and physically larger — monitor than it actually is. Neumann’s monitors all punch well above their price, but the KH80 genuinely sets a new benchmark at this price. In all seriousness, it wouldn’t be hard to spend twice as much on alternative manufacturers’ monitors and still not match the level of performance delivered by the KH80” – High Robjohns, Sound on Sound

I tested these speakers using music I know well, mixed on a Neve console, and they took me right back to the day of the mix. Their low-end response is extraordinary for a small speaker and the push & definition at very low frequencies is remarkable. They do a great job of throwing a stereo image and of defining reverb trails but they’re critical of position & mounting. They have switchable bass settings for use on a table but I’d strongly recommend putting them on stands. On a good pair of stands they will sound wonderful

New in box. Ready to ship. Photos show a pair of KH80s sold previously

Contact me if you need hookup cables – I can make suitable cables any length using Van Damme cable & Neutrik XLRs

Compact 2-way monitor speaker. Self-powered, figure-of-eight UK power cables supplied. Has back-panel switches to configure response to your room plus a multi-position gain switch and a gain pot. Combi XLR / Jack input plus Ethernet connector for network configuration & use
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This pair is in really excellent used condition with very minor marks. Tested & working 100%. Boxed & ready to ship. Photos show the KH80s for sale

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