100 VAC Power Supply for Japanese Gear


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100 VAC power adaptor for Japanese equipment. Rated at 50 VA (50 Watts approx). Made in the UK with a high quality transformer. CE-marked

Input voltage 220 V AC UK standard
Output voltage 100 V AC Japanese standard
rating 50 VA

A lot of equipment built in Japan for the Japanese market requires a 100 VAC supply. In most cases a 110 VAC supply, such as that for American gear, will work fine as the 10% difference in supply voltage is within tolerance. However, in an ideal world, you should use a 100 V AC transformer for 100 Volt Japanese gear

This transformer has one Japanese-style socket and will power devices up to 50 VA (50 Watts approx). If your device(s) require less than 50 Watts this transformer is suitable

If your device(s) require more than 50 Watts this transformer is not suitable