Pioneer A-300R Precision Integrated Amplifier


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Excellent minimalist hifi amp from Pioneer, modified by Tom Evans. The A-300R is the little brother of the A-400, one of the best-reviewed amps of the 1990s. Rated at 35 Watts / channel, the A-300R punches above its weight and… I’ll leave out the rest of the hifi reviewers’ cliches

The rare Precision version was developed for Pioneer by British audio guru Tim Evans. Modified to his designs they have a gold “Precision” badge on the front panel

The A-300R has an RIAA phono preamp input for use with a turntable – something not commonly seen in modern amps

“This is the best amp I’ve had yet regardless of cost. Don’t let the name “Pioneer” put you off. This amp is a classic audiophile bargain. It’s British designed and modified by electronics whiz Tom Evans”

“Well, this amazing amp is now 20 yrs old and still sounds fantastic, beats many modern amps costing far far more”

“Pace, timing, dynamics. Explicit Detail, great soundstaging. Neutral.”

“described by Hi-Fi Choice as an instant classic”

“As stated above, not all A300r units are Precision. Pioneer made the A300r units in their basic format and then Tom Evans’ Acoustic Precision company modded them for Pioneer. These are indicated by the gold Precision plaque on the fascia”

“On top of that you can get Tom to carry out various modifications to a basic Precision unit that upgrades the performance significantly – the mods will set you back about another £500-700 on top of the basic Precision cost”

“I only paid £150 for my original A300R Precision, several years ago, as I wanted a cheap amplifier. Unfortunately, it was so good it converted me into an audiofile, and seduced me into spending thousands of pounds on equipment to do justice to it….”

In very good used condition. Tested & working. Photos show the amp for sale

Integrated pre / power amp with five inputs

  • tape
  • tuner
  • CD
  • line
  • phono (RIAA preamp)
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In very good used condition. Tested & working. Photos show the amp for sale