The Quad FM Tuner

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Quad was one of the pioneering British HiFi manufacturers and the company continues to have great success today. Along with Sugden, Radford and Tannoy, Quad helped set the standard for HiFi equipment in Britain and across the world

The Quad FM Tuner was designed to partner the Quad Series 2 range launched in the early 1950s. The range included the QC and QC II control units, the AM tuner, Quad II mono power amplifier and the ESL63 Electrostatic speaker. Later additions to the range included the 22 preamp

The FM Tuner was one of the last valve units produced by The Acoustical Manufacturing Company Ltd of Huntingdon. Quad was an acronym for “Quality Unit Amplifier Domestic”. Subsequent products were branded Quad Electroacoustics but universally dubbed “Quad”

The FM Tuner was introduced in 1955 and manufactured till 1962

When used with its partner AM tuners, a QC II pre-amplifier and a Quad power amp, the valve Quad setup represented a high point in audio design which many audio purists argue has never been bettered

The FM Tuner is powered by the power amplifier (not included) and has a standard coaxial FM aerial input plus captive audio output and power cables

Controls on the FM Tuner match the preamplifier in style with a large knurled aluminium tuning knob at the left hand end and tuning scale to the right. The band covers 88-108 MC/S (MHz) and has two indicators to help fine-tuning. Frequency is shown by a moving pointer

This is a vintage tuner from the 1950s and will need maintenance before using. It is sold as-is & untested and with only the cables & accessories shown. I have the matching Quad preamplifier in another auction (see both in the last photo)

There is a huge quantity of information about Quad amplifiers online and I’ve included links below for further research

Valve tuner powered from a partner power amp
HiFi separates, so they are designed to sit on shelves or mount in a wooden cabinet. The preamp and tuner are the same size. The rear case of the unit is removable and the unit can be fixed to a vertical panel by making a cutout of the appropriate size, fitting the unit through it and reattaching the case behind the panel
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Cosmetically, in good used condition. Electrically, untested. This is a vintage tuner from the 1950s and will require testing & maintenance before use