Roland 512 Memory Card M-512E with new battery


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64 KB RAM expansion card for the JV-1080 / 2080 series. In general these cards are compatible with the JV series synths and D Series, A Series, GR Series, R Series and the VG 8 V-Guitar System

Tested & working 100%. The internal backup battery has been replaced

For compatible Roland synths & equipment. From a forum post by the guys at Voice Crystal: "Roland's part numbers have always contained the number of *bits* in the card, but they specify the Bytes. So, on the their cards you'll see M-512G RAM 64K Bytes. The same goes for the M-512E cards at 64K Bytes. An M-256E (or D) will show 32K Bytes. 512Kb (Kilobits) = 64KB (Kilobytes) Note the lower case *b* for Bits and the upper case *B* for Bytes. That is a technical standard. A byte is 8 bits (for an 8 bit address), thus 64K Bytes x 8 bits = 512Kb. So, the 512K (M-512) cards have always been 64KB. Most of the older synths required only 32KB (M-256 cards). But even though the M-512 cards are backwards compatible, those units which only require an M-256 card still only can *see* the first 32KB (256Kb) of the larger capacity card, so you can't save a second bank into a 512Kb card"
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In excellent, used condition. Tested & working 100%. Backup battery replaced

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