Cloud CX335 Compressor Modification & Recap


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This modification for the CX335 has four parts:

  1. Replace all electrolytic caps in the audio path with larger bipolar caps
  2. Replace the reservoir caps in the power supply with bigger caps & fit more decoupling
  3. Reduce the compressor release time
  4. Make the sidechain less sensitive to bass frequencies

Parts 1 & 2 replace old capacitors to reduce noise & help extend the low-end frequency response of the unit

Part 3 makes the unit much less subtle by shortening the minimum release time. It is now capable of sounding pretty abrupt. At longer release time settings it sounds smoother & more like the original unit. The extremely long (and basically useless) release times are removed

Part 4 makes the compressor less sensitive to the low-frequency half of the sidechain, similar to using a high-pass filter in the sidechain of a normal compressor


  • No shipping charges for mods carried out on in-stock items
  • I can mix & match parts of this mod on request

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