UREI 535 Slider Pot Replacement


The 535  octave equaliser from UREI is a great EQ but typically suffers from sticky slider pots. The only cure for this is to replace the pots

From the factory the pots are mounted some way behind the front panel and this exacerbates the sticky pot problem. The new pots are mounted on a replacement circuit board just behind the front panel. This results in smoother pots with better control feel

Our modifications for the UREI 535 include

  • Removal of old slider pots
  • Installation of a new circuit board for new pots
  • Installation of new slide pots
  • Installation of new pot knobs
  • Power supply recap & bigger reservoir caps
  • Replacement of all electrolytics in the audio path with larger-value Panasonic bipolar caps

We source these parts from the USA. Please enquire for a current price