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Newly refurbished & aligned by on of the top UK techs. New meter bulbs fitted, switches & pots cleaned & lubricated. Switched to 220 V for the UK / EU. UK, Euro or US power lead supplied on request. Tested & working 100%.

Pigtail loom made with Mogami cable & Neutrik XLRs also available

Photos show the compressor for sale. This is one of a pair to be listed. A 2U rack kit will be supplied if the buyer takes both units

The LA-4 is one of the UREI legends. Unlike the FET-based 1176, it’s an opto compressor with a relatively slow attack & release. Overlooked for years, the LA-4 is now achieving collectible status

The LA-4 has an unbalanced input and a transformer-balanced output. Gain reduction is via a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) which is paired with an LED driven by the sidechain. The result is very linear, distortion-free compression with dynamics typical of an opto device – relatively slow time constants and correspondingly warm & likeable compression. It has a character very different to the 1176 but, like other models in the UREI range, it’s infinitely useable and appealing



Standard 2U rackmount compressor. Switchable 110 / 220 Volts. Power input via captive power cable & new UK power plug. Input & output on barrier strip. Supplied with new pigtail loom with Neutrik XLRs and Mogami cable

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