Rocktek CHR-01 Chorus Pedal


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Another classic stomp box from my chorus pedal collection.  I use them a lot on synth bass and pads.  Pedals make a great alternative to plugins or other outboard gear as they give a different perspective. They’re quick & easy to use and can be tweaked in real time – insert them into a channel to give movement & width to any signal that’s too static
The Rocktek CHR-01 is another great 1980s generic chorus pedal like my Arion Chorus Pedal.  It’s capable of deep, detuned chorusing, vicious vibrato and any combinations of the two.  It can even be subtle if you try hard!
It has controls for Tone, Depth and Rate. There’s lots of range to each of the controls so it’s easy to go mad and create savage warbling chorus effects
The Rocktek CHR-01 really is a great sounding chorus pedal… Get yours before they start to go up in price like their secret twin the Arion Chorus”
I use the Rocktek Chorus out of preference as it seems to give me a more useable effect than most Boss/Dod fx etc. Those pedals are good and add a shimmer to the sound but the Rocktek seems to really ‘get hold’ of the sound and effect it”
“I have yet to find a chorus pedal I like better than the Rocktek. Turn depth wide open and rate all the way down… hard to beat that setting. I play mine till it dies and still going since 80s so I don’t see it dying too soon”
I have a lot of choruses but the best 80s chorus I’ve heard came from an old plastic Rocktek pedal”

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Weight 1 kg
Input & output are on mono jack sockets. Power is from an internal 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied) with a standard psu connector
Stomp Box. 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied). I have 9 Volt power supplies in my eBay Store
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Pedal Area Chorus Pedal Info
Youtube demo
Musicians Friend ★★★★★ Review
In very good condition for a used stomp box. Some battle scars but it's tidy overall. The battery cover is not broken, which is rare!

In good, used condition with the usual scars & marks of a working pedal. Tested & working 100%