1176 / 8 Compressor Ideas


Original render with old Urei 1176 knob design & VU meters

Hans on the GroupDIY Forum posted an idea for a multichannel compressor based on the 1176 reboot by Gyraf

Enthused by the idea, here is my rendering of an 8-channel version in a 3U case. I call it the 1176 / 8

I quickly (and, looking at it again, fairly inaccurately) modelled an 1176 input knob for the bottom of the panel to get the genuine 1176 vibe. The meter is a generic VU meter, 48 wide x 40 tall, designed to fit in a 1U case. The other knobs are Sifam 14 mm

After playing with dimensions, and mocking up a front panel with real knobs, it became obvious that there’s insufficient space for a meter in a 3U version. Then I had a brainwave – why not use a separate, optional meter bridge in a 1U box? So here it is

1176/8 version 4 with separate meter bridge

1176/8 version 4 with redrawn UREI input knobs and separate meter bridge

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