Apple Mac Mini M1 16/2000 – 16 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD


High-spec Mac Mini M1 with 16 Gb RAM and the very rare 2TB SSD. This was the highest spec available in the 2020 M1. In excellent condition, virtually unmarked. Supplied in original box with power cable

If you’re still running an Intel-based Mac, the M1 is the gateway to the new Apple Silicon Macs with performance that blows away the older kit

With a 2 TB internal SSD this M1 is ideal for music work – no external drives needed!

It will run two displays as the same time – one via HDMI and one via USB-C – and the displays can be mirrored or display different desktops. There are two USB-A ports – ideal for a keyboard, printer or USB hub – and two USB-C ports, suitable for external SSD drives, additional monitors & etc

For the complete spec & run down see the listing below

Apple Mac Mini M1 16/2000