ARP Odyssey


When I think of vintage synths the Minimoog comes to mind first. It’s such a useable, instant device that it can overshadow contemporaries such as the ARP Odyssey

The Odyssey is a milestone synth that was overlooked for years till Korg brought it back in 2015. It’s not as instant as the Minimoog, and internal routing is cryptic till you learn it, but it’s a bona fide classic with a unique front panel and a distinctive sound

Discovering how the Odyssey works takes you back to the dawn of desktop synthesisers, to the nuts & bolts of subtractive synthesis. If this sounds more intellectual than musical, maybe it is, but in a positive way. This synth will lead you places you didn’t expect, to sounds you’ve not heard before. And that’s all good!

I have a Rev 3 black Odyssey module in stock and a collectible Rev 1, with the white front panel & coloured slider knobs, arriving soon