Barth Dynaset U311 Stereo Limiter


Rare & unusual stereo limiter from Barth, Germany. The U311 is based around the dbx 202C “Gold Can” VCA, made famous in the SSL 4000E bus compressor. Barth use a very different implementation here – each channel has two sets of threshold & ratio controls and expansion & compression are available on both sets

It’s a complex unit, capable of super-subtle dynamic manipulation using low ratios, but it’s also adept at more brutal work. It takes some time to get acquainted with the U311, and considerably longer to get to know it well, but it’s time well spent

As previously used in the mastering rooms at Sony Mastering, New York

This Dynaset is in excellent condition for a vintage unit, with minor case marks. All knobs & switches are original. The power supply has been recapped & pots & switches cleaned & lubricated as needed. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the compressor for sale

Barth Dynaset U311 Stereo LImiter