Boss DE-200 Digital Delay


Vintage Digital Delay from Boss / Roland. A partner to the wonderful CE-300 Super Chorus, the DE-200 Digital Delay is a characterful early-digital device similar to the Lexicon PCM-41, and Deltalab Effectron

The DE-200 has the typical X2 button which doubles delay time at the expense of bandwidth. This sounds like a bad idea but, in practice, the resulting low-pass filtering sounds great and is a key part of the attraction of these early digital units. Like the Effectron, the DE-200 has a sampling feature which will loop a section of audio

The DE-200 will go into oscillation at maximum feedback, giving the opportunity for great dub effects. It’s a a bit of a sleeper, the DE-200 – quite rare in the UK, it sounds awesome. It’s the first I’ve had and I love it!

In very good, vintage condition with some case corrosion & marks, but the front panel is super-tidy, all-original and will look great when racked up. Partner it with a CE-300 for maximum effect!

Boss DE-200 Digital Delay #1