DIY Audio Electronics


Hand-built Neumann W492 Stereo Equaliser clone

DIY Audio Electronics

There’s lots of interest in DIY projects at the moment. Many pieces of vintage gear have been recreated and schematics, circuit boards, bills of material (BOMs) and build logs abound

I have a number of projects underway – probably too many – and locating components is a major part of the build process. Below is a list of links to some of the better known resources

In a later blog post I’ll detail some of the more popular DIY projects


GroupDIY Forum
A friendly forum with some real experts on hand

diyAudio Forum
Rather more esoteric forum with a wider purview


Audio Maintenance Ltd
UK-based parts supplier, also high-quality kits. AMEK specialist. Authorised Penny & Giles sales & service

Hairball Audio
US-based kit & parts supplier

Prolific designer, DIY creator, forum contributor

Jacob Erland’s boutique pro-audio manufacturer, also has DIY project info

Schaeffer AG
German enclosure & front panel manufacturer
German case manufacturer, specifically for DIY projects

Italian case & enclosure manufacturer

Front Panel Designer
Software to design front panels, suitable for printing & engraving

Component Suppliers

Mouser – big selection, items ship from the USA
Digikey– big selection, items ship from the USA
Farnell – expensive but efficient
CPC Farnell – cheaper consumer version of above but the same company
Rapid Electronics – useful UK-based seller
Switch Electronics – useful UK-based seller
RS Components – formerly the UK market leader
TME – European distributor with a wide range
Don Audio – kits & DIY parts
Distrelec – pan-European / Worldwide distributor
DIY-Tubes – online valve (tube) supplier
Watford Valves – UK valve supplier
Thonk – Eurorack synth kits, parts & etc
Banzai Music – German supplier of parts & accessories for music