Inputs & Outputs

When mixing you need outboard gear, lots & lots of outboard gear!  That means lots & lots of inputs & outputs if you’re mixing “In The Box”

Having looked at the cost of SSL Alphalink interfaces the plan looks something like this:

  • Buy a couple of ADA8000s
  • Rework the power supplies
  • Bypass the preamps
  • Fit high quality input caps
  • Remove the rear panel XLRs
  • Blank off the front & rear panels
  • Fit 25-pin D connectors for audio ins & outs
  • Connect to Fireface 800 via ADAT cables
  • Sync via Word Clock from Fireface 800

Before diving into the good ADA8000 I bought locally (thanks, Phil), I bought a broken one on eBay and disassembled it to work out how to proceed.  There’s lots of info online about the ADA8000 but much of it is inconclusive