Neumann KH80


The smallest member of the Neumann monitor family is perhaps the most impressive. I know the larger KH120 intimately, having owned a pair for some years, but the KH80 surprised me by being the more analytical and better-integrated monitor

The KH120 has better dynamics, more low end and higher output than the KH80 but, in terms of fidelity, the KH80 wins by a small margin

I fired these up in Studio 1 at Brighton Electric and we auditioned them against the ATC mains and the resident NS10s. The KH80s sounded like ATCs with less bass. The overall balance is similar, there’s just (much) less bass extension

The KH80 is merciless in revealing vocal balances & reverb levels but was described by one of the engineers asĀ  “too good” . We all have our preferences but mine is for revealing & accurate monitors and, here, the KH80 wins

Neumann KH80, set #2, Grey