Orban 622B Equaliser


Super-flexible stereo equaliser from broadcast specialists Orban. Probably the best-known Orban product found in studios, the 622B is a four-band parametric equaliser in the classic style. Each band overlaps the adjacent one. Q goes high enough to get nice, tight notches and low enough for broad lifts & cuts

Like the wonderful Klein + Hummel EQs it has bypass switches per-band, plus a channel in / out switch and input gain control. Unity gain is around 6 out of 10 and there is an overload LED for each channel. Build quality is broadcast level

The 622B is not super-clean & clinical like a GML 8200 but more like a really high-end console EQ. As a workhorse equaliser it takes a lot of beating

I’ve had a number of 622Bs and this is a particularly clean & original example. It’s been refurbished & recapped in our workshops.  Tested, packed & ready to ship with a set of our hand-made XLR pigtails. Photos show the EQ for sale