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I have a number of M267s in stock and have FP11 limiter / preamps here

The Shure Level-Loc has achieved vintage / price-gouging / pimping notoriety thanks to a couple of high-profile users. The M267 has a similar Shure limiter in a 4-channel mic pre at a sensible price. They’ve been very popular – everyone seems to like the effect of the limiter, particularly with room mics

The limiter sets a maximum output level from the mixer. After that, any increase in gain just makes the signal denser and more compressed. It’s a neat trick, surprisingly controllable and definitely useable

The M267 is part of a dynasty of Shure preamps which have been used in the USA & round the world for forty-odd years. They’re definitely not audiophile units, but utilitarian devices for small-scale PA & location recording uses. Their appeal for recording lies in the transformer inputs and output limiter

The M267 has transformer-balanced inputs and outputs, low-cut filters on the inputs , a VU meter and a headphone output. It also has a built-in line up oscillator, switchable phantom power and three power sources (DC, battery or AC)

The limiter is post-channel and post-output control and does an excellent job of levelling the output signal and adding huge amounts of distortion. The limiter threshold is adjustable via pot on the underside of the unit

“The limiter on that Shure mixer is awesome. You can get some great Level-Loc type sounds out of it.”

“One cool thing that they do is they have a level loc style of limiting ability when you hit the transformers hard enough”

“I have an M67 and an M267. Both are great color boxes and can make some really nice recordings”

“Whether being hardware or software, what’s your current go-to device to foul all kind of sound sources up beyond all repair?

“Shure M267 microphone mixer. Has transformer love in and out. And features a level-loc style limiter. Nothing subtle about that machine”

“-Also Deltalab Effectron. Its a very early digital delay, with some esoteric A/D conversion, that fux the sound into lofi smile if you turn down the delay. Also it the delay feedback path somehow creeps itself into to the input limiter op-amp distortion, so you can further shape the destruction”

“Been wanting something like a #levelLoc to crush a room mic but dont wanna spend a lot? … #shure m267”

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Used condition. 220 Volt. Output meter missing. Untested

Used condition. 220 Volt. Output meter missing. Untested

Sold as seen, no returns on B Stock items