Grasshopper Valley Yellowhammer


Designed & built at BN1studio: Yellowhammer Prototype 2

The Yellowhammer is a passive distortion module designed for studio use. It’s a stereo, line-level device which generates harmonic distortion in a number of ways

It can be inserted into channels or used on a send – this way it can be mixed with the original signal in the same way as using parallel compression

In some modes the Yellowhammer acts just like a compressor, flattening the signal and bringing up ambience. It’s level dependent to a degree with some modes giving more pronounced distortion as signal level is increased

The Yellowhammer has five basic distortion modes, five sidechain settings and five low-pass filters. All the controls interact so experimentation is the key to getting results!

Patched across a drum track it’s easy to find distortion settings & tones that sit well and the more extreme settings are great when mixed in with the original signal

“Haven’t had a chance to really dig into it [yet] but I did find some cool tones using it as a parallel on distorted guitars”

This is a prototype unit and will be developed further in response to feedback from testers. Each preset is a plugin module, so production units can be upgraded or custom settings developed in the future

The final version is planned to be in 1U rack format. The prototype is in a desktop box and is available for evaluation now. Please email for details or to arrange a demonstration

Want to hear some sound samples? Upload your sounds via WeTransfer to and we’ll run them through the Yellowhammer

Passive distortion / filter unit using transformers, inductors, capacitors & diodes. Inputs & outputs are balanced on XLR connectors.The jack inputs are not functional yet

Free-standing unit


New, prototype version 2

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