Aphex 9301 Compellor


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New Old Stock Aphex Compellor module for the dbx 900-Series rack

The Compellor is a VCA-based program leveller based on analogue control concepts devised by Aphex. It’s super-transparent in operation – so much so that it’s sometimes hard to work out what it’s doing. The Compellor combines a leveller with a slow response time with a faster-acting compressor. The two interact and the balance between the two effects can be varied

I wouldn’t describe the Compellor as bus compressor but, like the Cloud CX335, it’s headed in that direction and is a useful problem-solver in the studio

I have a pair of unused, new-old-stock 9301s for sale, either as part of a complete dbx 900 rack, or individually. Photos show the Compellors for sale

NOS, unused except to test & for photography