dbx 463X OverEasy Noise Gate Expander


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Vintage noise gate from dbx. The 463X is a 1/2U single-channel “Over Easy” noise gate / expander which can be linked to a second 463X to make a stereo gate, or to a 163X compressor

When linked to a 163X, the pair can act as a stereo noise gate or a stereo compressor, depending on which unit is selected as master. With one of each unit you have the option of stereo compression or gating

The 463X has an additional high-impedance (Hi-Z) input on the front panel ideal for use as a DI (direct injection) input. This makes the 463X ideal for use with noisy synths or guitar fx which might benefit from a subtle noise gate. The DI input has a level trim on the back panel and it has enough gain for synths, guitars or even high-impedance mics

The 463X is simple to operate: set the threshold with the threshold control, then dial in the amount of noise reduction (expansion) needed when the gate is closed. By dialling in a small amount of reduction – no more than 10 db – it’s possible to clean up noisy signals without the gating becoming obtrusive. Attack and release times are dependent on the slider position and on program material

The 463X also has a key input to operate the gate from an external signal. This works very well on keyboard pads keyed by a cowbell or other percussion instrument

The 463X is a great piece of kit, it adds colour to the signal and is simplicity itself to use. By pairing it with a 163X you get the best of both worlds – stereo compression, stereo noise gating or one of each

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These units are in remarkably good condition for vintage kit - they have marks and scuffs but vintage pieces like this should have patina!