Melos DE-1 Echo BBD Analogue Delay


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Vintage analogue echo using Bucket Brigade Devices (BBD) rather than later digital technology. BBD devices had a short lifespan, as digital gear took over rapidly, but are sought-after for their sound

The DE-1 is a simple one-in, one-out delay line with a balance control to mix between the dry & delayed signals and a feedback control to set the number of repeats, number of repeats. Maximum feedback gives almost continuous repeats and, like a Deltalab Effectron, sweeping the delay time pot gives pitch-changing effects for the delayed signal

Having the delay time adjustable from minimum to maximum on a pot allows for some pretty extreme effects when feedback is used. The Soundcloud demo (see the Links tab) shows this very well. There is also a pretty good Youtube demo of the DE-1

In great, vintage condition. Case has been repainted. Pots & switches have been cleaned & lubricated and the unit is tested & working 100%. Ready to ship now!

“A very versatile echo unit that can facilitate sounds from classic slapback echo to tripped out psychedelic oscillation and everything in between!”

“These things just have their own sound – simple as that”

Bucked Brigade Device-based analogue delay line. Unbalanced inputs & outputs at -60 / -20db (input) and -40 / -20 / 0 db (output). 220V for UK / EU, captive power cable with UK power plug
Free-standing unit 250 x 160 x 70 mm

Youtube demo

Soundcloud demo

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In great, vintage condition. All original knobs & switches, pots & switches have been cleaned & lubricated. Case has been repainted. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the unit for sale