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Boss hit the ground running with the original Uber-Chorus, the legendary Boss CE-1, and has created many top chorus pedals & effects since. Boss is part of Roland, creator of the legendary Dimension D and the equally-legendary JC-120 guitar amplifier which both had epic chorus effects

The CE-300 Super Chorus is a rare 1U rack mounted chorus. It uses Bucket Brigade Devices (BBD) rather than digital circuitry to produce the chorus effect so is a true – and rare – “Analogue Chorus”

The CE-300 has one input and two outputs, the “stereo” output being a phase-reversed version of the main output

Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets on the front panel as well as on the back. Like all Boss choruses it’s important to drive them to just before the point of distortion to get the best effect. Some signals benefit from overdriving the input to get some distortion – it adds an edge to the sound. The correct level is very dependent on the source so don’t be afraid to ignore the metering

Front panel controls are simple: Rate and Depth control Modulation, the Level control sets the amount of chorus and the Effect switch is a master bypass. There’s a neat Direct Mute button which kills the dry signal so the output is effect-only

The key to the chorus effect is the modulation section. It’s possible to create very subtle effects, with movement but very little pitch modulation, or you can wind up the depth to get a traditional chorus with lots of detuning. Unlike simple stomp boxes, there’s lots of opportunity to shape the effect through experimentation

Magnificent synths and electric guitars.” (transliterated from French)

Good at all! If you like good chorus of Prince, this machine is for you. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get trs one, they are rare … Trs hot, and both the sound of icy roland chorus. Use with caution in the mix, but when done right, sounded too good! “ (transliterated from French)

These are highly sought and prized for their warm and lush chorus effects

People say it is ‘Juno-esque’

“Sounds very 3-d in mono with the most rich chorus sounds i have ever been able to produce. been through boss, dod, dunlop, mxr, ada and several digital rack units and this ce-300 super chorus wipes the floor with all of them”

“Found one at the local Musicgoround and traded some pickups and WHAM!!!! It’s a beast! Some great smooth sounds in this monster… I think it’s a digital chorus, but I don’t even know… but it’s smooth and lush and has a great ‘tone’ knob to take out any amount of that high end spike I hear in a lot of choruses these days… “

“One of my favorite chorus sounds. Up there with the old rackmount TC Electronic Spacial Expander unit”

In good used condition with some case scratches & marks. The plastic front panel is in good condition and the knobs have been replaced. Supplied without rack ears. Photos show the CE-300 for sale

Analogue Chorus using Bucket Brigade Devices (BBD). Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets and are duplicated on the front panel. 220 Volt with a captive power cable & UK plug. Euro Schuko plug supplied on request

Standard 1U device, no rack ears

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In good used condition with some case scratches & marks. The plastic front panel is in good condition and the knobs have been replaced. Supplied without rack ears. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the CE-300 for sale

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