Boss DE-200 Digital Delay #5


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In excellent condition, with original rack ears. Vintage Digital Delay from Boss / Roland. A partner to the wonderful CE-300 Super Chorus, the DE-200 Digital Delay is a characterful early-digital device similar to the Lexicon PCM-41, and Deltalab Effectron

The DE-200 has the typical X2 button which doubles delay time at the expense of bandwidth. This sounds like a bad idea but, in practice, the resulting low-pass filtering sounds great and is a key part of the attraction of these early digital units. Like the Effectron, the DE-200 has a sampling feature which will loop a section of audio

The DE-200 will go into oscillation at maximum feedback, giving the opportunity for great dub effects. It’s a a bit of a sleeper, the DE-200 – quite rare in the UK, it sounds awesome

“Boss it me, or is this the best delay ever?”

“The delay time fine knob, as well as the modulation rate and depth knobs, can all be time-warped and adjusted smoothly without any “stepping” at all.. “

“I love the ability to hold a delay and take the loop speed way down to create a crunchy ambient background. The 2X button is awesome too. I thought I was the only one that loved this unit”

“In the chain, coming before it is the Boss CE-300. These units look super good together. They sound tremendous together. The only thing, and I hope I’m missing something, is the fact that I want to hear the chorus in stereo and then have that sound delayed by this beautiful unit but it is mono. The CE-300 still adds an amazing glaze to the signal in mono but I want to hear it in stereo with that delay”

In very good, vintage condition with minor case marks. Photos show the unit for sale

Analogue Chorus using Bucket Brigade Devices (BBD). Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets and are duplicated on the front panel

Standard 1U device

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In excellent, used condition for a piece of vintage kit with minor case marks and the usual paint chips on the original aluminium rack ears. The plastic front panel is in very good condition for a vintage unit. Knobs & connectors are all original

Tested & working 100%. Photos show the unit for sale