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Boss hit the ground running with the original Uber-Chorus, the legendary Boss CE-1, and has created many desirable chorus effects since

The RCE-10 Digital Chorus Ensemble is a half-width rack unit from the 1980s Boss Micro Rack range. It uses 12-Bit digital circuitry so has that proper 80s sound. It can be setup to create effects from a mild chorusing to deep & swirly flanging, and everything in between

It has one input and two outputs. Unlike most effects pedals, where the stereo effect is created by phase inverting one output, the RCE-10 has two outputs with a true “stereo” signal generated by separate outputs from the delay line. When using the RCE-10 for recording or mixing I’d recommend feeding it from an effects send and returning it to two channels, to create a stereo mix with the original signal, or record to separate tracks

When you look harder at the RCE-10 it becomes clear that a lot of thought went into the design of the Micro Rack series. The power supply has a loop-through connector so units can be daisy-chained. There’s a footswitch socket for effect bypass. Inputs & outputs are on phonos as well as mono jacks and there’s a rear-panel switch to shift the nominal operating level between -10 and -20 dBm

Front panel controls are simple: Predelay sets the initial delay, Rate and Depth control Modulation and there’s a simple lo / hi EQ control and an Effect Level control sets the balance of direct & effect. There’s an effect bypass switch and a power switch

Keys to the depth of the chorus effect are pre-delay and the modulation section. By adjusting these it’s possible to create very subtle effects with movement but very little pitch modulation, or you can wind up the depth to get a traditional chorus with lots of detuning. Unlike simple stomp boxes, there’s lots of opportunity to shape the effect through experimentation

The RCE-10 has one input and two outputs. Inputs & outputs are on phono sockets as well as mono jacks and there's a rear-panel switch to shift the nominal operating level between -10 and -20 dBm. It uses an external 9 VDC power supply (included). Pre-delay is variable from 0.5 to 35 mS and the unit uses 12-Bit digital processing

1/2U device suitable for mounting in a 19" rack tray (not supplied). External 9 VDC power supply included

Owners Manual 

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Synth demo (Chorus comes in at 0:16, and is panned left-right at 0:40)

Youtube demo

Youtube demo

1/2 U

In very good condition for a vintage piece of kit with minimal case scratches or marks. Knobs & switches are all original. Tested & working 100%. Photos show an RCE-10 sold previously

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