Dynacord TAM 19 Time Axis Manipulator #1


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Quirky German flanger / delay unit, almost unknown in the UK but legendary in Europe. Beautifully-built, like all Dynacord gear of that era, the TAM-19 excels at deep, modulated time-delay effects, hence the name – Time Axis Manipulator

The TAM-19 is based around two delay lines, modulated by the internal VCO or a foot pedal. The two delay lines can be run in series to create additive effects or parallel to create stereo effects. In double track mode the the modulation is inverted on the two channels, giving a broader stereo effect

There’s a good description of the effects possible on the Vintage Digital site – see the Links tab for more links

“The Dynacord TAM-19 undoubtedly is one of the finest flangers ever made, on a par with Eventide’s FL-201 Instant Flanger or the fabled Marshall Time Modulator. This comes to no surprise as TAM stands for “Time Axis Manipulation”, and this is exactly what it does”

220 Volt for use in the UK / EU and fitted with a new UK plug. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the unit for sale

BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) - based analog delay unit with extensive modulation capabilities, including CV output for use with modular systems 220 Volt for use in the UK / EU and fitted with a new UK plug

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In excellent used condition. All original knobs & switches.  220 V for use in UK / EU. Fitted with. new UK plug, Tested & working 100%. Photos show the unit for sale