Arion SFL-1 Stereo Flanger Pedal


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Another classic stomp box from my chorus pedal collection. I find effects pedals are great tools when mixing as they tend to be brutal and unsubtle.  Sometimes you have to resist the urge to be subtle!  I use pedals on a send, or insert them into a channel, to give movement & width to an otherwise-boring signal.  I use them a lot on synth bass and pads.  Pedals make a great alternative to plugins or other outboard gear as they give a different perspective, they’re quick & easy to use and they can be tweaked in real time
The SFL-1 is one of my favourites. It’s an early 80s generic stereo flanger with a warm, deep flanging effect and lots of adaptability. It has controls for Rate, Depth, Manual and Feedback plus a Direct / Stereo switch. With Depth set to zero, the Manual pot allows the “position” of the flanger effect sweep to be set manually. In this mode the the phase cancellations produced by the delay are fixed and act like a powerful tone control. This is great for setting a tone & leaving it fixed, or for adjusting the range of the sweep when using the Depth control. Variable feedback means the effect can be adjusted from subtle to completely over-the-top. Output 2 is switchable between the dry signal (Direct) and an antiphase effected signal (Stereo)
I bought a Stereo Flanger made back in the 80’s – the SFL-1 , smoking hot flanger, warm lush, very organ / leslie like, very much in the quality range of the choruses for sure… wouldn’t trade for any flanger, even the Hartman or old EHX, it just sounds so full”
SCH-1 Chorus, SFL-1 Flanger, SAD-1 Delay.  All three of these are stellar pedals – highly recommended”

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Input & output are on mono jack sockets. Power is from an internal 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied) with a standard psu connector

Stomp Box.  9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied). I have 9 Volt power supplies in my eBay Store
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In good condition for a used stomp box.  Some battle scars, but good overall.  The clip for the battery compartment is broken.  Comes in the original box (not shown)