Electro Harmonix Stereo Clone Theory Chorus Pedal


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Another from my chorus pedal collection. I find effects pedals to be great tools when mixing as they tend to be brutal and unsubtle.  Sometimes you have to resist the urge to be subtle!  Use pedals on a send, or insert them into a channel, to give movement & width to an otherwise-boring signal.  Pedals are a great alternative to plugins or other rack gear as they give a different perspective and they’re quick & easy to use
Electro-Harmonix starts with a huge advantage in the effects pedal market by virtue of a long history of great pedals. Their Electric Mistress flanger was the first stomp box flanger and it’s back in production today.  Other EHX classics include the Big Muff, as used by Jimi Hendrix, Memory Man, Polychorus, Black Finger and the Small Clone, famously used by Kurt Cobain
The Stereo Clone Theory has one input & two outputs, so it’s ideal for widening mono synths, guitars or anything else that’s a bit too static.  Use it on a send or insert it into a channel.  Clone Theory has three front panel controls – Depth, Rate and Mode.  Mode has Chorus 1, Chorus 2 and Vibrato settings.  Chorus 1 has a preset depth and variable rate, and the other two modes are completely configurable
I LOVE the way the chorus sounds. Really buttery, full and rich chorus without sounding artificial like many choruses sound

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Input & outputs are on mono jack sockets. Power is from an internal 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply with a standard psu connector. 480 KΩ input impedance so suitable for use with guitars & basses
Stomp Box.  9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied). I have 9 Volt power supplies in my eBay Store
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In very good condition for a used stomp box with just a few scratches on the face. No velcro on the base, just four rubber feet