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The Locobox PH-01 Phase Pedal is one of the many generic pedals produced in Japan during the 1970s. Sold under a variety of different names, the Locobox PH-01 could be found badged as a Cutec PH-01, Gig PH-01, Redson Phaser 12 or Sound City PS-06 Phase Shifter

The Locobox is a straightforward phase pedal with lots of pitch modulation. It’s capable of a deeper effect than many other pedals. You can hear this in the Youtube demo. There’s also plenty of speed range so you can create pitch-wobbling Leslie effects

Construction is generic stomp box in a die-cast metal case with a full-width switch cover. The back panel has the obligatory 9V DC input for an external power supply. The battery compartment cover is missing

“It’s been the coolest phaser I’ve ever had.”

“The Locobox Phaser is a really cool pedal. I get some really neat sounds out of it. I can get it to sound almost like a wah, especially when I add a bit of fuzz…very funky like. On my clean passages, it sounds dreamy. Almost hypnotizing and trance like. Very useful for my sound”

The Locobox is from my effects pedal toy box. I use them when mixing – they’re quick & easy to work with and you know immediately if they’re right or wrong for the track

Chorus pedals work well inserted into a channel or an effects send. They give movement & width to otherwise-boring signals and are great for putting sounds in a different perspective

Input & output are on mono jack sockets. Power is from an internal 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied) with a standard psu connector

Stomp Box. 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied)

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In good condition for a used stomp box. Some battle scars and missing battery cover but good overall