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In excellent condition, almost unmarked. Supplied with original power supply, UK power lead & USB midi cable. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale

Stereo filter / distortion unit in a neat desktop box from Swedish electronic experts Elektron

The Elektron Analog Heat Mk II is the updated version of the Analog  Heat – a piece of kit with almost infinite possibilities for mangling & effecting sounds. It’s primarily a warming / distortion unit but does a whole lot more besides. Used as a straightforward analogue device it’s easy to get to grips with – the controls are logical and effects adjustable from subtle to downright nasty

There’s a small display which shows control movements in graphical form & gives access to deeper functions like remote control over midi. All the functions are controllable & presets switchable via midi making the Analog Heat perfectly suited to live use

This is not just an analogue device: switch to the digital input and you can route stereo audio to & from it via USB. In this mode it becomes much more like an extension of your DAW. You can have both sets of inputs – analogue & digital – connected at the same time and save presets to recall later. Elektron has a free DAW plugin called Overbridge which gives a neat GUI to edit settings & controllers in real time

I’ve prototyped my own distortion box – the Yellowhammer – and recognise a lot of the sounds in the Analog Heat. I also appreciate how well-integrated the unit is and how useable Elektron has made it. It’s extremely easy to use and gives great results quickly – there should be more gear designed this well!

The original Analog Heat was so impressive I considered it my “Best of 2020”. The Mk II improves on the original. There are links in the Links tab to descriptions of the differences between the versions, but they include better encoders, back-lit keys and a bigger, sharper display screen. There’s also more detail on the Amp, Filter, Envelope & LFO pages

“It’s equipped with 8 distortion circuits, a filter, and what can only be described as a sort of magical integration with Logic Pro X and other major DAWs. It uses the company’s phenomenal Overbridge technology to work the same way a typical virtual plug-in does”

“Look, the Heat is like an organic piece you attach to your music. Where once it was dead, it is now alive with movement and air. It’s so much more than just a flexible fx box. Even when it’s subtle, it brings so much to your piece”

“The Analog Heat is a deceptively flexible box of analogue effects that partners perfectly with a modern digital set-up” – Music Radar

“The heat is much more than just distortion”

“The Analog Heat is a multi-circuit distortion unit, but with a built-in soundcard and the ability to be used as a plugin via the Overbridge VST.. The Heat is also MIDI compatible”

“The first thing that struck me was the sheer quality of the sound that the Analog Heat produces.” – Sound on Sound

“To my mind, the Analog Heat is the most inspiring piece of audio processing hardware that I have had the pleasure to get hands-on with in recent times” – Sound on Sound

“One final thought: the Analog Heat could seem a bit pricey to those who measure value by physical size, but, for my money, the results that this diminutive, deceptively powerful box is capable of producing make its asking price pale into insignificance” – Sound on Sound

“A unique combination of distortion processor, envelope generator, filter, EQ and LFO, the Analog Heat is as capable of enhancing a mastering session as it is of crushing a drum kit into submission. It is unfailingly musical, inspirational and sensational” – Sound on Sound

“The nearly universal praise it earned from far more experienced gear users right from the outset convinced me to be an early adopter, something i’ve never been before or since. i’ve had mine at the end of my all-digital signal chain since it came out and have created dozens of presets to enhance all my live tracks. i wouldn’t gig or record without it”

“As I’ve said before: the most fun I’ve ever had with any of my +40 music devices bought over the years.”

“The Analog Heat is built for tactility, inviting creative interaction. I couldn’t get enough of the demo unit, so I’ve already informed Elektron that they shouldn’t expect to get it back” – Audio Media

“My final thoughts? My three biggest things I look for are power, ease of use, and enjoyment. All three of these are present in this little black box, and the fact that it can be as simple or as in-depth as you want it to be makes it a real winner” – Magnetic Mag

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In excellent condition, almost unmarked. Supplied with original power supply, UK power lead & USB midi cable

Tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale