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From the British boutique electronics company Bugbrand come the Bugcrusher 08, a sample rate reducer & filter combo in a desktop package. Designed & built in Bristol by Tom Bugs, Bugbrand equipment is hand-built & every piece is unique

The Bugcrusher is a sample-rate-reducer with a switchable band-pass/ low-pass resonant filter. The crush rate can be controlled by a foot pedal or control voltage (CV) and this Bugcrusher comes with the optional “Crusher Eye” light-sensitive controller to allow Theremin-like hand control

The Bugcrusher rewards experimentation and, in the grand tradition of great outboard gear, will lead you into sonic places you weren’t expecting. It’s a great antidote to menu-diving and parameter juggling!

The Bugcrusher 08 features:

  • Input Preamp for mic or line level
  • Voltage Controlled Crusher circuit – with main Crush Control plus variable CV modulation
  • Mixer to blend Dry / Crushed signals plus switchable phase inversion on the Crushed signal
  • Voltage Controlled Resonant Filter with LoPass / BandPass – with main Cutoff Control plus variable CV modulation
  • Output with lo (guitar-amp) or hi (line) levels
  • Modulation input switchable between Expression Pedal or external Control Voltage (CV – from analogue synths (standard +/-5v levels))
  • Electronic Bypass Switch plus external Footswitch socket

Bugbrand description:

  • Input preamp for guitar or line level signals – switchable Hi or Lo gain plus input level control
  • Voltage controlled Crusher circuit ranging from fizzle-highs to drone-tone lows, with a large chickenhead dial for the master CrushRate, plus variable modulation depth from an external source
  • Pre-filter mixer to blend the dry and crushed signals – also with switchable phase inversion on the crushed signal for a extra mixing possibilities (audio phase cancellations!)
  • Voltage controlled Filter with switchable LoPass or BandPass responses and variable resonance. This has a main Cutoff dial plus variable modulation depth
  • Switchable output levels for guitar amps (lo level signal) or mixing desk (hi level signal)
  • External input switchable between CV or Foot Pedal, with variable modulation depth for CrushMod and/or Filter Mod – ie, you can use a standard expression pedal to change the Crush Rate or the Filter Cutoff – or both at the same time – or use a CV (standard +/- 5v) signal from an analogue synth
  • Electronic true-bypass switching
  • Powered by an external 15vAC plug-in power pack (supplied)
  • Housed in a metal case measuring 12.5 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm
  • New Crusher Eye optional extra (added May08)
    – this is a little light dependent control wand that plugs into the Foot Control input and allows CV modulation of the Crush / Filter by varying the amount of light

“Good luck finding it though – they are sold in batches of less than 10 at a time and are all hand made over weeks by a nice guy in England. Be prepared to spend for quality and expression like this, along with that dang exchange rate! I’m talking $400 or so…”

In excellent used condition, virtually unmarked. Sold with original power supply & Crusher Eye light-sensitive sensor

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In mint, unmarked used condition with power supply. Tested & working 100%