FAT THC-01 Resinator Filter (aka MAM Resonator RS-3)


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Filter / envelope / modulation unit made in Bavaria by Freeform Analogue Technologies. The THC-00 Resinator is evidently a rebadged version of the MAM RS 3 Resonator made for Turnkey, a music gear shop in London. It’s said to have been designed by Jurgen Haible based on the Korg PS3100 / 3300 resonator circuit

The THC-01 is a Vactrol-controlled filter unit with three bandpass filters, a modulation section and an envelope follower. It also has an external modulation input

The THC-00 can produce all kinds of filter sweeps & modulation effects – check the Youtube demos for examples

“It is difficult to describe just how good this unit sounds – it produces a glorious shifting, wide, sweeping stereo modulation on anything put through it, a lot of this magic comes from the smooth, liquid sound of the optically coupled vactrol filters. It is fantastic on all sorts of keyboards and synths, but can be applied to any signal, usually with great results”

“it is really cool, and unlike any other filter I have owned”

“One of my favorite filters EVER. I regret ever selling mine”

“This thing is very powerful and a lot of fun. It has three filters that can be controlled in different ways, including LFO and Envelope (up and down) in different combinations, resulting in a very dynamic stereo (or mono) output dependant on the dynamics and frequency of the input signal”

“a signal processor filter for use with whatever you can even put external modulation through it, these are rare as hens teeth”

In excellent, used condition. Supplied with external power supply

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One input and two outputs. Filters 1 & 3 are pannable to provide a "stereo" output. Inputs & outputs are on the back panel via unbalanced jack sockets, as is the modulation CV input. The input & modulation input are duplicated on the front panel. Supplied with external power supply
Shallow 1U box, supplied with external power supply
Youtube demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xODWI13NzDY&t=44s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ-39z2FB9Y Effects Database http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/fat/thc00 Matrixsynth https://www.matrixsynth.com/2014/08/fat-resinator-thc-00-synth-filter.html  
Excellent, used condition with external power supply