MAM Warp Nine Analogue Midi Filter #1


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Rare MAM Warp Nine analogue filter based on the famous EDP Wasp synth filter from 1978. It’s a 2-pole, 12dB/octave resonant filter with switchable lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch modes. It has an on-board LFO & ADSR and has 32 user patches so you can save & restore patches

The whole unit is midi controllable – it sends & receives midi cc messages so you can record, edit & sequence all the effects – and it can sync to midi clock

“An analog filter is a Swiss knife in the studio. It’s useful for anything beyond filtering. The best use for me, however, is as distortion and saturation unit”

“The Warp 9 is completely 110% MIDI driven. Every single knob and function has its own Continuous Controller assigned and it’s also possible to send information with note pitch and velocity. This it’s possible to copy the score from a track and have the cutoff or other parameter dancing in sync with it. Not easy to explain, but the results are really interesting!”

“The Warp 9 MIDI Analogue Filter is a rather sophisticated analogue filter with a number of triggering and modulation options, including the ability to trigger from the envelope of the incoming signal and from MIDI Note On messages. There’s also a VCA section that may be modulated, followed by a distortion circuit which can be switched in or out. Both the input and output are on mono unbalanced quarter‑inch jacks and there’s a full set of MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors” – Sound on Sound

“The Warp 9 has 32 memories for storing your favorite filter settings and effects”

“The Warp 9 is… best suited to processing your other synths, guitars, vocals, and effects rather than entire mixes or anything stereo”

“No sherman filter bank. Not heavy. Distortion is quite soft. But a very musical filter which can add interesting rhytmical variation and some beautiful flavours and tonal sweeps. I like it”

” The modulation features are very extensive… It’s also got a distortion switch which I think adds to the resonance and gives some grit to your sound, really cool for drones”

In excellent used condition with minimal rack rash & case marks. Knobs & etc all original. Tested & working 100%. External 12 Volt AC power supply included. Photos show the filter for sale

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Supplied with external UK 12 VAC power supply

1U rackmount unit

Owner's manual

Sound on Sound review

Vintage Synth Explorer page Modwiggler forum Koney Industrial Blogspot Matrixsynth page  


In excellent used condition with minimal rack rash & case marks. Knobs & etc all original. External 12 Volt AC power supply included

Tested & working 100%. Photos show the filter for sale

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