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The Mutator is a one-of-a-kind effects box which takes the Attack / Release, Filter and LFO sections of an analogue synthesiser and marries them to an audio signal path. The Envelope Follower has sensitivity, attack & release controls and can be fed from an external source or the audio being processed. The Filter has positive & negative envelope modulation, variable cutoff and resonance and the LFO has four waveshapes plus rate & depth controls. With numerous routing possibilities, the Mutator can apply traditional analogue synth processing to any audio source , opening up a huge new range of sonic possibilities. You’re really only limited by imagination & ingenuity

The Mutator is now out of production and examples come to market only very rarely. This one is from the personal collection of a well-known British mix engineer and is in lovely condition

A few quotes from the web:

“The Mutator is truly a great dance music machine”

“Most likely the best stand-alone rack mount stereo (two channel) filter, modulation and envelope follower unit”

“one of the most character loaded pieces of sound processing gear I’ve ever used”

“once acquired , you’d probably wonder how you ever managed without its mysteries and wonders – it’s a Pandora’s box of potential”

“quite simply one of the cleanest, most useful filter units I have ever used”

“The creamiest, most liquid filter. Amazing in parallel on the drum bus or entire mix!” – Eddie Mars, Samples from Mars

“Just go buy a copy of Daft Punk’s “Homework” if you want to hear the Mutator”

“This is, so far, the only device that I have ever reviewed that I have liked so much that I actually ended up spending money on one” – George Shilling

“Forget the other shit – this thing is a legend” – The Rapino Brothers

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Standard rackmount device, 220 V AC power via standard IEC socket. Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets
2U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. Built-in power supply with IEC power connector. Power cable supplied
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Excellent used condition, almost like new. Very minor case scratches & rack rash